Customer Experience Importance and Tellthebell.com

Tellthebell Survey is a great platform where Taco Bell customers are given a chance to win some cash prizes via sweepstakes by providing their opinions and feedback. The tellthebell.com Survey is taken by Taco Bell is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world. The company tries to receive as much feedback as possible through the survey form regarding their product and service.

The customers simply need to provide their opinions about their last visit to the restaurant. How they feel about food, taste, environment, and staff behaviour as a whole. This information will help Taco Bell to bring improvements in their services and food quality, where needed.

Taco Bell always wants to exceed its customer’s expectations by providing the best services. Thereby, the company conduct customer experience surveys and reward the winning participant with a $500 cash prize.

About Taco Bell

The famous fast-food chain Taco Bell was founded in 1946 by Glenn Bell. The first Taco Bell was opened in 1962 in California. Glenn Bell achieved the next milestone in 1970 when he opened 325 Taco Bell restaurants. In 1978, Pepsico purchased Taco Bell from Glenn Bell and running it till to date. Currently, there are a total of 7000 locations across the world where Taco Bell is being operated. Taco Bell restaurants specialize in TEX-MEX food which is a unique combination that has attracted thousands of customers towards the food chain. According to an estimate, Taco Bell serves more than 3 billion customers each year.

Importance of Customer Experience Survey

Before we highlight the importance of a customer experience survey, we need to define what exactly is meant by customer satisfaction? At its most basic, a customer satisfaction survey measures how the company’s product or service and overall experience meets, exceeds, or falls short of customer expectations.  

How you measure the customer’s satisfaction level differs from company to company. At Taco Bell, the customer feedback survey is conducted by providing a questionnaire that contains a few simple to answer questions. The questions are generally asked about the food quality, ambiance, staff behaviour, and overall experience at the restaurant.

About TellTheBell Survey

Tellthebell.com Survey is the survey that is conducted by a Taco Bell to get feedback from their customers. Tellthebell is one of the most popular and useful feedback options that the company uses in all its branches throughout the world. Taco Bell is one of the largest and most famous fast-food chains in the United States. People love to enjoy eating Taco Bell food in every corner of the world.

Taco Bell offers a chance to win a cash reward of $500 to the customers by providing their feedback. If you don’t know why and how it works, don’t worry. In this guide, we will demonstrate to you simple and easy steps that will help you complete the survey and get a chance to win the reward provided by the TellTheBell survey.

Tellthebell Survey- Requirements, Terms & Conditions

Have a look below at some important points before entering in the survey contest;

  • To participate in the customer feedback survey, you need to enter a 16 digit survey code that is printed on top of your Taco Bell receipt.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate in tellthebell.com Survey.
  • You must be a resident of the United States of America to take part in the survey.
  • You must be familiar with either of the languages such as Spanish or English.
  • If you are currently working in Taco Bell, you are not eligible to participate in the customer experience survey.
  • You must have the latest receipt from the Taco Bell that should be valid for a particular period.
  • The receipt must contain a 16 digit survey code.

If you have recently visited Taco Bell, you will surely get a receipt from the restaurant. Use this receipt and take part in the tellthebell.com Survey and get a chance to win a cash award of $500.


Last but not least, product improvement is an on-going process. To stay ahead in the competition and retain a customer base, you need to get customer feedback on regular basis. Taco Bell gives the best chance to customers anytime they return to the restaurant and leave feedback. In turn, the company provides something of value such as winning $500 cash or entry to sweepstakes. Retain customers is always better and easier than getting new customers.

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